Sunday, July 09, 2006


We all felt like Mexican today, and so headed over to Old Town. Initially we checked out El Agave, which looks fab- but probably more for a special occasion than a casual Sunday Lunch. Discussing where else to go our friends remembered a little Latin American restaurant that they had been meaning to try- Berta's. We headed over there, checked out the menu- which ranges in cuisine all over South and Central American, and even into Spain.

We arrived the restaurant about 2.30pm, which I guess was a little late, but still reasonable lunching hour I thought, and were therefore a little surprised at the manner of the waiter, who seemed to feel we were disturbing him in some way. His manner was most odd, expecting us to order after glancing at the menu for 30 seconds, and just generally quite abrupt. The soft flour tortillas and salsa verde he brought out for us to nibble on were, however, delicious and so we were all quite content.

We ordered our food- I opted for the Spanish Lemon Saffron Chicken Stew which was apparently chicken cooked with pine nuts, sherry wine, saffron, lemon juice and cilantro. My wife was actually surprisingly spoiled for choice with the vegetarian items on offer- and being a little confused as to why tortilla Espanola would have feta cheese in, opted for the Venezuelan Arepas- a fried patty of Venezuelan corn flour.

The food came- not big portions, all side salads. It was nicely enough presented and on the whole pretty good, nothing too special, but good enough. It is certainly nice to try something from a different cuisine for a change. The price was reasonable for Old Town, but then Old Town is horribly over priced.

On the whole a fun afternoon out, trying something different and getting away from the crowds of summer tourists that flocked the streets.

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