Monday, July 31, 2006

The Melting Pot take 2

Wow, had the most wonderful night out at the Melting Pot on Friday.
This was our second trip to the restaurant although last time we just got dessert.
The basic set up at the Melting Pot is a 4 course dinner. Each table comes with a burner or two built in, and fondues are prepared at the tables - apparently there is very little cooking apparatus in the kitchen, all just prep with a single microwave.
To start you choose a cheese fondue or too, our waiter was very helpful describing each of the cheeses in detail. When he came to the special of the day and described at as tasting a bit like a chilli dog we were a little surprised, but I guess it was a good thing as it warned us away from what would most likely have been a bad choice. So, we went with the Swiss and the Fiesta which was fired up with jalapenos and Mexican spices. The cheese fondues came with a variety of things to dip, a selection of breads, tortilla chips, granny smith apples and an assortment of vegetables. The tortilla chips went really well with the Fiesta fondue, and the apples contrasted really well. Much as I loved the Fondue we ate whilst we were in Switzerland I had also wanted that contrast, endless cheese and bread can little a little sickly after a while.
Whilst we dipped into the fondue we created a little game for those who dropped. We were together with one other couple and so decided that each time someone dropped their bread or whatnot their significant other would tell a secret, none of which are to be divulged on this blog. It was a lot of fun.
Along with the first course we ordered a couple of bottles of wine for the four of us. We started with the white, I will try to find out the name of the wine as it was complete heaven. Perfectly crisp without being sharp with lots and lots of depth.
The next course to wing our way was the salad course- the favorite here was the strawberry almond salad which had the most wonderful vinaigrette. The other salads were also pleasant enough, but the strawberry left them in the dust. All the while of course we are trying not to eat too much of anything in order to get through all four courses!
For the main course we were provided with 2 platters, one was the lobster indulgence plate which included lobster tail, shrimp, sirloin, chicken breast and ravioli. The vegetable platter was filled with artichoke hearts, eggplant, tofu, portabellas and a spinach and gorgonzola ravioli. To cook all these items we chose two different boullions, and tucked in. Everything was fantastic and then made even better by the wonderful sauces that accompanied, the green goddess was the highlight.
By this time we had moved onto the red wine, a delicious cabernet sauvignon which was almost as good as the white. It was certainly a wonderful accompaniment to the chocolate which now followed. For our choice in chocolate we asked advice from the very friendly manager who was extremely attentive at all times. I think we got a mixture of chocolate, peanut butter and caramel although perhaps it was a little more complicated than this. Everything again was just great, the little brownies we had to dip in, the juicy strawberries and the indulgent cheesecake. A great end to a meal.
I think we must have been in the Melting Pot for three and a half hours by the time our meal was over. There was never a dull moment and we emerged late that evening extremely happy, replete (of course) and all knowing each other a little better after the food dropping and secret telling antics.
A very enjoyable night- would recommend to all, just remember don't order too much food!


FireFlyFiftyFive said...

Great report! I haven't been to a fondue restaurant yet - but I heard that your clothes can really take on a food odor. A problem?

Anonymous said...

The wines we had were:

Buehler Vineyards Chardonney


Your pal in fondue