Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Linkery

Yesterday after much complaining, self pity and unwarranted despair listing her attributes as a "failure" my wife sent me a text message to say she had been offered her dream job. She is now the community organizer for a great local environmental non-profit. This warranted real celebration- after graduating in July (2 days before our wedding incidentally), the poor thing has had to wait until now for her United States work permit and has spent the past few months volunteering her time for free.

In a return payment for their generosity last week we decided to the mark the occasion by taking our friends out for a nice meal. After endless deliberation we finally settled on The Linkery- a great local North Park restaurant specializing in, well, links. Our choice for this locale came after a quick review of their menu showed that they had almost tripled their vegetarian menu since the last time we visited.

Well I can tell you that The Linkery is certain to become one of our regular haunts- we were all very impressed and had a really great time. Jay the manager/ owner has done a fantastic job- combining just he right level of individuality with neighborhood comfort. The feeling in the restaurant is nothing but friendly and respectful. The staff- and Jay in particular come across in a way that makes you feel they would like nothing better than to help you have a good evening.
We ordered a bottle of Chardonnay- the 1st year anniversary special- which we all found to be impressive and will definitely be reordered at a later date. As for food; the vegetarian options being extensive my wife struggled to choose, but finally settled on a grilled portabella mushroom with a rosemary polenta cake and broccoli topped in a hazelnut sauce. The two men shared a mixed grill of duck breast, pork ribs, and homemade links. This came with some grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes and some highly interesting dipping sauces. Of the homemade links the Cuban was the most tasty- filled with spices, pineapple and even a hint of mint.

We had a great night- the food was homely, comforting and great value. We’ll definitely be back for more sometime soon!

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