Monday, March 20, 2006

India Princess

I am having to catch up a bit- being a bit lax in posting over the weekend.
Saturday night being incredibly dumb we headed to the Mall to watch V for Vendetta- a very bad idea, not only was the showing we were heading for sold out, but also the one after that with the only remaining showing being on at about 9.30pm at night. The mall was also packed, and not a pleasant place to stroll- we decided therefore to head out to dinner instead. After a brief debate we both expressed an ardent desire for Indian Food and settled on India Princess in Hillcrest- based on its moderate prices and generally favorable reviews.
As we walked into the restaurant the host welcomed us back - which was slightly bizarre seeing as we had never been there before- he realized his mistake and was profusely apologetic. The restaurant looked very much like a British Indian restaurant- this was reassuring as there is nothing quite as good as Indian food from a good UK restaurant. We were giving a nice booth and the very dim lighting provided a slightly romantic setting. The decor of the place was somewhat interesting with some fine ornate pipes mounted on the wall behind us- however they had made a big mistake in choosing their china- this was cafeteria style- white with a red rim - and worst of all the Indian princess logo mounted onto each and every piece.
Overlooking this extremely tacky touch we were pleased to be greeted with a basket of pappadams and assorted chutneys. These were not the greatest tasting chutneys I have encountered, however it did make a nice change to be treated to pappadams and not charged a few dollars extra for the pleasure. We ordered our food and in a bit to be healthy skipped over the pakoras and bhajees starting instead with soup. My wife got an Indian tomato soup which was absolutely delicious- mine was the "chef's specialty" spinach and lentil and was just okay. Moving on to our main course my wife chose Paneer Khadir- a paneer dish with green bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. I myself was brave enough to stay away from my beloved Chicen Tikka Massala and instead got a chicken and spinach dish which turned out to be fabulous. The Paneer Khadir was pleasant but certainly nothing to rave about.

All in all we had a relaxing evening, with courteous attentive wait staff and a good meal for a very reasonable price- will we go back- maybe.......... but not for some time, there are certainly much better places to eat in this great city.

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