Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bombay Takeout

Got Indian take out last night from Bombay. I was a little disconcerted when I went into pick up our food that all the girls working their were wearing bhindis- it seemed a little odd and pretentious- however the restaurant smelt just amazing- a god sign for the food which was there ready and waiting for me.
We got the Chef's specialty Malai Kofta- (vegetarian meatballs in a southern curry sauce) and Dal Makhani. This time- due to previous mistakes we opted for medium spicy and the level was just perfect. We cooked up some brown rice with turmeric and fennel seeds, as well as an Indian tomato soup to accompany our dishes. Everything turned out pretty well- the Malai Kofta was delicious- although we would have hoped for more than 3 "meatballs" in a $12 take out dish. The Dal Makhani was also very good. Our own additions were fabulous, especially the brown rice which we will definitely make again.
All in all very good- not as good as some of the Indian food we have had in the UK- but for US Indian food it was certainly above par- the most convenient place we have found for take out around here.

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