Wednesday, December 08, 2010

They MADE me buy it.

YES I should be Christmas shopping for other people. NO I couldn't control myself when I saw these on Gilt. YES, I bought four of them.

A good mug is hard to find, you know. One that isn't too small to hold a decent cup of tea, but isn't so big that a cup of coffee will keep me wired for five days. One that is juuuust right. With a good, comfy handle. And the cutest art work you've ever seen in your life that makes you think of a happy, summary forest, even in the middle of winter.
(Although, my brother-in-law just burst my bubble ever so slightly by saying the deer looked like dinosaurs).

I just got the mugs, but more details about the entire set is here on the Iittalla website.

Also just purchased for a party I'm having next Saturday:

Can you guess where I got the inspiration for that? You'd think at Christmastime plaid tablecloths would be in abundance. However, I started at lower end stores and worked my way up, and had a hard time finding much of anything. I decided in the end to drop the $$ for this one, because it will make me happy when it comes out with my Christmas decorations year after year after year, and WS quality has proved itself to be good in the past so I think it will last a long time.

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