Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year Food Resolutions

I don't really believe in resolutions...or if I do, it's more or less around my birthday. That is the time when I assess my habits and life direction, goals and achievements. So many people try change habits on January 1, and it makes the gyms entirely too crowded.

Anyway, if I did make resolutions, it would be these:

1. Bake more bread at home. Artisanal bread with 3 week starters, challah, brioche, pizza dough, and all other sorts.

2. Make recipes from my increasingly large library of cookbooks rather than always going to the internet for inspiration.

3. Post more recipes on this blog. Looking over the past year, I realized just how much I blog about topics other than actual recipes. I make delicious new foods all the time...I need to share them with you.

4. Try to shop even less from the grocery store and even more from farms, co ops, and farmers' markets. My goal is to eventually not go to the grocery store at all (I know this probably will never happen, but it's a good goal).

5. Bake treats for people *just because*.

6. Try my hand more at curious things like canning, jarring, preserving, pickling, and brewing.

7. MORE PICTURES!!!! The biggest problem I have as a cook/blogger is that I get so involved with what I am doing in the kitchen that I never remember to pull my camera out....and then when my food is prepared I can't stand to wait for pictures before digging in. Henceforth, I shall take one bite and then take a photo. It will take discipline, but I can to it!

What are your kitchen resolutions?

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Anonymous said...

All the same as you, same reolutions, minus no.3, because I don't have a food blog. Thanks.G