Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank you Seattle Times for giving me something to write about

On Sunday, the Seattle Times headlined with an article about raw milk. As a raw milk drinker myself, I was all over it. I will give you a chance to read it over before I opine. Here is the link again.

I may not agree with the article- it is obviously biased and facts are skewed to prove a point. However, I must commend the author. Writing out against raw milk in a city of local and organic eating, nature loving, health food freaks is as good as writing a piece on why you support the Bush Doctrine in an insanely democratic city (which also defines Seattle). Around here, to be liberal is not controversial, but rather the opposite. I've yearned to hear someone speak out in a way which the population of Seattle might not agree with rather than just confirming the same ideals over and over again in, say, a rag like some particular papers. But I am getting off topic.

Back to milk. I for one am glad raw milk is not popular. When food becomes in high demand is when one needs to question the quality of what he or she is eating. Diseased cows make diseased food, and unfortunately pasteurization is able to mask that. The fact is that large dairy plants cannot keep track of their thousands upon thousands of cows to ensure that each one is in tip top physical condition. I agree completely that this milk that is being pasteurized needs to be.

When a farmer of a raw milk farm has only 60 cows, however, each one can get the nutritional and medical attention it needs. These cows don't live and sleep in their own feces. The farmers take pride in what they do, and from much of what I've heard they "are not in it for the money." From a nutritional standpoint, here is a good article supporting raw milk.

As far as price goes? Yes, $3.50 for a quart of milk is expensive. This is fine by me for two reasons: 1. It will keep the market small (as I mentioned above), and 2. Humans don't need nearly as much milk as the dairy industry would like you to believe. This keeps our household consumption in check. I would like to hear your opinions, if you have any.

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Unknown said...

Its gross :) And I don't really understand why high numbers of people drinking it would make it no longer appetizing to you. What if most of society was right about something? would you still think it was then questionable just because of mere numbers? Just curious.