Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just because it's organic...

...doesn't mean it's healthy.

This is what I've been telling myself for the past four or five days, twice a day, when I pour myself a bowl of my newest discovery.

You all know I'm a sucker for cereal.

It's no surprise that I couldn't contain myself when I found Cascadian Farms Organic Cinnamon Crunch: AKA the organic knockoff of my favorite cereal. I bought three boxes (they were on sale). Still packaged, still refined, still processed, still fortified,* but it's ORGANIC! So at least it's not filled with artificial ingredients and dried with formaldehyde, right? RIGHT?

It's like my childhood in a box. I even prefer it to the original. It tastes more....whole, I guess. A little more oatey and a little less eye-crossingly sweet. Oh, and it has 2 grahams more fiber per serving. Does this justify that it's healthy? No. It is not a plant, whole grain, or anything that I would be able to make in my own kitchen. But I just can't stop myself. I get munchy and my body reaches out and pours a bowl before I even know what has happened.

Luckily I never actually eat cereal for breakfast. I would be in trouble if I did. I suppose as long as I keep it for dessert or a small bedtime snack (or both) I'll be okay. I probably shouldn't keep three boxes in my house at a time, though. If I let myself I could probably eat them all in a week. Just kidding. No I'm not. Yes I am.

*BTW, my sister says I don't need to take a multivitamin if I eat this much cereal. Haha.

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