Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project of the week: candied orange peel

The internet has no shortage of food blogs that at some point or another have published a recipe for candied orange peel. Let the records show that I thought of this subject matter on my own before I knew that. I may not be the quickest with my ideas, but at least I know they are all my own.

My inspiration actually came from finding one of these.* I had to put it to use immediately. For those of you who must have an actual recipe here is one for you, but I find that much too fussy and just made one on the fly. If you use the proper peeler, you can scrape off long, candy sized strips of orange peel quite easily. You can try to do it another way, but I'm sure it will give you a great headache.

Bring to a boil equal 3:2 parts sugar to water. Boil the strips of orange peel for about 10 minutes, then remove them from the water using tongs. Spread them out on wax paper until cool. When the peel is cool but still sticky, taste a bit. If it still seems bitter you can toss the strips in fine granulated sugar. Dip half in chocolate, if you wish.

Ps. For coffee and tea drinkers, you can save the boiling mixture and have orange flavored simple syrup for your drinks all week. Just store in the fridge in a normal tupperware. Yummm!

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