Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flying Squirrel, Seven Hills, Mamma Mia!

Oh yes, I just invented a new recipe tonight. A recipe for relaxation. Here it is: pizza, wine, and musicals.

I had a long week at work- and I don't just mean it felt long because it was tedious or difficult. I mean it was literally seven days long, four of which were 14 hour days. It was loooooong.

I was finally set free at about 6:30 tonight, and the first thing I needed to do was go for a run and get all my tension out. And of course what must a girl have after a long week and a good workout? Ahhh, carbs.

I needed desperately to treat myself tonight, and I wanted pizza. Luckily, the closest pizza place to my house happens to be the up and coming Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. Also luckily, it's really, really, awesomely good pizza. It's a thin crust type of pizza with catchy toppings like lemon-herb-garlic roasted potato with blue cheese, or egg and arugula. Today I went for a more classic sausage and mushroom pizza.

After getting my pizza I was very happy when I remembered the open bottle of Seven Hills Riesling in my refrigerator that would go absolutely perfect with my pizza. It's not expensive or fancy or anything, but it's affordability (usually around $15- $20 a bottle) is one of the reasons that it's my favorite wine.

And with my yummy little pizza and, ok third....half??? of a bottle of wine I knew exactly what movie would be perfect to watch. Sure, I could have been intelligent and watched Frost/Nixon just so I could say I was informed and political. But not tonight. It would not have been a good pairing with my riesling. I would probably recommend something like a full bodied cabernet to go with that movie. No, I needed something light and fun, and a movie that I know got terrible reviews and no one seems to like but me (and I like it so much, in fact, that I think it might be on my "movies I could watch any time" list).

So now I feel verrrry relaxed, and I have tomorrow off to enjoy my day. Hurray for pizza, wine, and musicals!


Cierra Pera said...

Mama Mia was good? I haven't seen it yet but keep looking at it on the Red Box. Should I get it? Would Steve hate it?

The Saunders said...

I like Mama Mia! Of course. Just not Brosnan's voice :)