Saturday, February 28, 2009

La Casa Del Mojito

...Is where we went to dinner tonight.

What a great day I had today! After a quick meeting this morning, I went to get a pedicure. I then went home, had lunch, got my dog, and we went shopping. It was one of those great shopping days- the kind where I browse as much as I fancy, while refusing to look at the time since no one and nothing is waiting on me.

Imagine my surprise when at 6:00 I realized I had no plans and no desire to cook dinner! So, with little persuading, Raj agreed that we should go out to dinner. We wanted a casual, mid range dinner out, thought about our usual go-to's, and then decided to try something new.

La Casa Del Mojito (Spanish for "The House of the [alchoholic beverage]" is not a Mexican restaurant, but rather "Latin American" food.

Sangrias: 8/10. Super good, they had a hint of cinnamon!

Appetizer (Tortilla Espanola): 7/10It was a eggy, potatoey, layered thing. Reeeally good, also.

Raj's dinner (Parrilla De Luigi): 9/10. He loved it, and I tried the steak. It was moist and tender, and cooked nice and rare.

My dinner (Lechon Asado): 7/10 As tasty as it was, I think I ordered the wrong thing. I don't know why, in my mood for something light, I ordered pulled pork. Waaay more that I could eat, and I kinda wished I'd had a salad to go with it.

All in all, it is definitely a place I'd recommend, and for sure a place we'll go back to.

Total bill with tax: $54

Annika's overall rating: 8.5/10

La Casa Del Mojito

IMPORTANT TIP: There are 2 locations of this restaurant. The one we went to is on Lake City Way, and it was tiny. I mean seating for 15 people tiny. The servers repeatedly let us know that there is another, bigger location on University Way. I think they want people to go there more.

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The Saunders said...

ok so i guess you all of a sudden starting going blog crazy and posting every second. I had 3 posts to catch up on! I love the lamb post and I will probably be making it sometime soon. Love you!