Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feeling a Bit Useless, and The Remedy

So, I fractured my shoulder skiing...yup. That's it. There is nothing I can do now but wait to heal. No prescription to make it go away, nothing to
make me feel better....or is there????

Yesterday- the day after the "incident"- my wonderful husband/nurse took off of work to take me to the doctor, and to just take care of me in general. While we were out and in between appointments, we went to the Coastal Kitchen for some sustenance. Now , the Coastal Kitchen in Seattle is best know for it's continually changing menus. Every season or couple of weeks or so, they focus on a certain coastal region (Peru, Casablanca, Crete, currently Tunisia, etc...) and build a small menu around the local fares and flavors of that region. This is super fun, tasty, and exciting, but to be quite honest at $17-$25 per entree I find it a bit overpriced (even for seafood) and it's not what draws me in.

What I do love about the Coastal Kitchen is that the offer what I think is "perfect meal". For about $9 you can get a bowl of seafood chowder, a salad, and a nice hunk of delicious bread. What makes it even more great is that like the regional cuisine, these recipes are always changing. Sometimes the chowder is New England, sometimes it's Manhattan, sometimes the bread is sour dough, sometimes it's a get the picture. I find this meal to always be delicious, healthy, satisfying, just enough in quantity, and a great value. That gives it "perfect meal" status in my book (or my blog, I guess).

However, when one breaks an arm let us not forget that only one prescription can make it all better- a hot fudge sundae.

Sorry about the phone picture- but that's me in the background with my arm in a sling.

Anyways, if you go to the Coastal Kitchen for no other reason, go for the hot fudge sundae. They make the hot fudge in house, use real whipped cream, and cover it with just the right amount of nuts. It is soooooooo good! And what's great is that the small is not sickeningly huge, and only costs about $4. Which means you don't pay $10 for a dessert that you only eat half or less of.

Well, it didn't heal my shoulder, but it definitely made my countenance feel better for the present.

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The Saunders said...

oh my gosh that sounds sooooooo good. And poor annika in your cute little sling in the background. Get better!