Monday, February 23, 2009


I have no official evidence to back this up- on the internets at least- but I have heard more than once over the past few weeks that Costco's brand Kirkland Signature has some of the best quality food products that one can buy- in the US, that is.

Now, I'm sure you will roll your eyes and say sarcastically "Boy am I surprised" when I tell you that I don't usually support buying the most food money can buy for the least amount of dollars. Truly you usually end up losing in quality what you gained in quantity. With that said, I am a Costco member and I do quite a bit of shopping here.

When I go shopping at Costco it usually puts me in a bad mood because of it's bad parking, long lines, too many pushy people, etc., so I want to get in and out as quick as I can. Because of this I have gotten my Costco runs down to a science. I know exactly what I want and need and get in and out pretty quickly. This took a few looong trips of going up and down each aisle, seeing what they sell, trying a few items that didn't make me very happy (Nancy's pita chips, for example, are a great deal but they always staled before I could eat them all), and then memorizing the location of the stuff I like so I can run through the store.

I won't tell you the locations of the items I buy, but I will tell you what I buy to save you the trouble of Costco trial, because Costco error can leave you with 15 packages of macaroni and cheese that you don't really like (I don't care if Annie's in natural, it's juts not good) and nothing to do with them.

Here is my list:

Earthbound organic spring grean mix- I kid you not, it's like the neverending salad tub. You take some out and then an hour later it's filled up again.

Kirkland signature organic peanut butter- Ingredients: peanuts. I like that you get two normal sized jars instead of one ginormous one. And for $7.00 for two, I find it to be my favorite even over peanut butter that costs $7 for one jar.

Tillamook 1lb cheddar baby loaf- By the way we go through cheese in this house, you'd think that it was a sorority full of girls on PMS.

PJ's organic burritos- Raj likes to take these to work

La Brea Demi Baguettes- They come in a pack of 5 or 6, and I freeze these right away. They stay fresh enough that I can just heat one up when I want a baguette with dinner or a yummy sandwich. La Brea, by the way, is a brand also sold at whole foods, and you will pay $2 for just one of these baguettes.

15 Pound bag organic brown rice- I don't really buy this every time I go. In fact, I purchased this just one and I don't think I'll have to buy another one as long as we live. It's huge!

C&H white, brown, and powdered sugars- not for everyone, but for bakers, yes.

Kirkland signature organice butter and organic eggs- Best deals on organic both.

Charmin toilette paper- TP is one place that I just can't bring myself to go organic.

Bounty paper towels- See above

Scotch bright sponges- Again, such a great deal for how many you get. And they have coupons for this one alot.

Kirkland signature organic instant oatmeal packages- because I never get up early enough to make a good breakfast on a work day, and neither does Raj. The taste is OK, the convenience is great.

Lastly, sometimes I supplement with brown rice chips, Kashi granola bars, or Izzi sodas.

And that's Annika's approved list!

Oh, and since there is no picture today, I am giving you this token for next time you want to swing by the food court on your way out:


The Saunders said...

ok sooo almost everything on your list (save the huge sack of brown rice and all the sugar)is on my costco must have list too. Add a box of wipes and diapers and there ya go!

Cierra Pera said...

The pic made me laugh when I think of how many times we ate there at lunch with Shawn and Adam. Can't beat $1.50 lunch. The yogurt didn't seem bad with only 100c.