Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Seattle's Gem for all Pastry Careers

I know that I have yet to begin to bake, but I HAVE gotten a lot done.  Yesterday and today I have been doing my supply shopping.  Goodness knows I am not the only "foodie" in Seattle, and this snobby city is full of posh, upscale cooking stores.  It's the home of Sur La Table, has good handful Williams Sonomas, and also a number of City Kitchens.  I went to none of these. I do not need nice displays, fancy lighting, and a mall setting to make a good cake.  I need good cake making supplies for a decent price.

For this I drive north past downtown to the "hardcore" shopping: Home Cake Decorating Supply Co.  This store is not only popular among bloggers and amateurs, but professional chefs with Pastry Careers as well.  Why, you wonder?  The store is set up in roughly 600 square feet of the biggest organized mess you have ever seen.  When you walk in, you have to squint your eyes just to make out a narrow walkway through the store.  What's stuffed in here is everything you can imagine that would have anything to do with baking cakes.  I kid you not- anything from half naked Barbie Dolls for princess cakes to pig shaped sprinkles to chess piece shaped cookie cutters.  

As much fun as it would be to see the wedding couple's faces when their cake was covered with piggie sprinkles, I avoided that section and went right for what I needed- the owner (or I assume is the owner, since she is always there).  I have no idea how to find anything in there, so it's Greil I find and annoy with all my "Ok, and also where is the...." And she knows, oooh she knows every inch of that store.  It's really amazing.

Actually, today my needs were simple so I didn't need that much help.  A few cake boxes, a couple piping tips and bags, some ribbon just in case I need to cover a big mistake in the last minute.  Now I feel most confident to start my actual baking and decorating!

Home Cake Decorating Supply Co
9514 Roosevelt Way, NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 522-4300

Tuesday- Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-4
Closed Sunday and Monday

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