Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Since last week I have been thoroughly enjoying watching the world come together over the Olympics. According to the ads surrounding the games there is only one other thing that also brings the world together: McDonald's. I have been increasingly irritated by the commercials advertising this company.

One that stands out in my mind has a good handful of US athletes standing and each holding a chicken sandwich.... Really?!?? Are we supposed to believe that these world class athletes in peak physical condition are fueling their bodies with fried sorta-chicken on a "home made tasting" biscuit? It's hard for me not to judge these champions for selling out in endorsements, but then I realize how many gazillion dollars that McDonalds must be shelling out to pay these guys and I am just in awe that the company still makes that kind of money.

It makes me want to take a poll.  The information is there- I think that people know and understand that McDondalds slowly kills you.  So, who is McDonalds getting its money from? Personally, I don't even think of McDonald's as food. You may as well ask me if I want to get lunch from a book store. I wonder how many people grab McDonalds as a last resort, as a treat, or for a meal very frequently. Do these people not know it's bad for them or do they not care or do they just have no choice? Comments are welcome! Please help me... I really want to know!

Now, if you did eat McDonalds today, allow me to help you throw it up:

I wonder if the government forced these people to smile just like the dudes in the opening ceremony.

Michael Phelps, why? WHY?  Actually, I might believe that he does eat McDonalds, because he supposedly eats 10,000 calories a day and can get that in a single hamburger!


The Saunders said...

well annika it comes down to this. We don't care. I am sure there are a lot of things that are slowly killing all of us that we choose to look away from and frankly...some people just like the taste. Especially if it is eaten in moderation, then I must say BIG DEAL! Love you though. :)

milsom said...

as heinous as mcdonalds is (both the food and the corporate practices), i assumed that commercial was filled with actors who were made to look like athletes. i did not think they were actual olympic athletes. as for the phelps picture, it looks to me like that shirt wasn't chosen by him. mcdonalds is some kind of sponsor to the games and perhaps they sponsored whatever that press conference was and phelps was made to wear the shirt. i don't know. maybe i am giving him too much benefit?

what will be interesting, though, is to see what endorsements and spokesman contracts he accepts. i'm sure he will be bombarded with them. will he turn any down?