Tuesday, March 18, 2008

South Austin Grill

For some reason it was a while before I checked out the Tex-Mex restaurant, South Austin Grill, even though it is very near my work on King St. After eating there, I only regret I didn't try it sooner.

The standard tortilla chips and salsa they start you out with were fresh and tasty. Definitely good salsa, although it might have been a bit too runny for trying to keep some on your tortilla chip without spilling (my poor shirt did not appreciate this).

Along with the chips and salsa we ordered a couple of margaritas which again, were very decent tasting and always great to complement spicy salsa.

The menu was ample, though not so big that it made deciding a chore. I was deciding between the 'Tex' Austin Burger and the 'Mex' combo fajitas. In the end I decided ordering a burger was a bit boring so I went for the fajitas and was glad I did. Kym had a few vegetarian options available and went with cheese enchiladas.

One of the best touches at Austin Grill is the option to choose from six different freshly prepared sauces to go with your entree. Drawn in by the '19 different ingredients' slogan I had the delicious mole while Kym's tomatillo went well with the enchiladas.

The service was quick, friendly and attentive. Absolutely a big positive of the restaurant.

South Austin Grill is definitely an above average Mexican restaurant. Comparing to San Diego Mexican restaurants it might be a different story, but for now, this is a great place to get Mexican food at a decent value.

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