Monday, March 10, 2008

Petits Plats

A family friend of Kym's is in town on a week exchange from England so we met up with her for a Sunday Brunch (since it seems to be increasingly seen as an American thing to do). While looking for a good place to go in DC, I seemed to constantly run into the problem that any popular brunch place tends to have a long waiting line. That wouldn't exactly be a great introduction to the practice so that was a firm criteria when I eventually found Petits Plats.

One of the best parts about Petits Plats is its location directly opposite a metro stop, not to mention the short walk to our free National Zoo (which we happily took advantage of after the meal). Immediately upon entering a friendly waitress asked if we'd like her to take our coats. This was a very nice touch, however it made me quickly feel I was a bit underdressed for the place. I had thought based on its prices it would be a fairly casual brunch, however my t-shirt and jeans looked a bit out of place when people in suits and Sunday dresses began arriving. Admittedly, I think I might have still been in San Diego brunch-mode where people drag themselves out of bed and drop in for a strong coffee, either still in their clothes from the night before or whatever scruffy clothes they found lying near their bed.

The decor of the place was fun with lots of bright colors and some nice paintings on the wall. The two girls ordered omelletes while I went for a non-breakfast lamb sandwich with roasted peppers and goat cheese. It was nice that they had a bit of variety on their menu as brunch can get a bit boring with the same breakfast ingredients at every venue.

We were given warm baguette pieces to start off with which was a French touch, however they had the distinct taste of having been just warmed up in the microwave. The coffee was particularly tasty though we had to wait a while for refills at first (I think because we got there just after service had started).

The dishes were...good. Nothing spectacular, but certainly nothing poor. All in all for the location, price, service and atmosphere Petits Plats was well worth it.

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