Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mai Thai

In our common search for a vegetarian-friendly delivery place, I'm not exactly sure how we missed Mai Thai. Somehow it just wasn't coming up in our internet searches, hopefully this post will get the word out a bit! Fortunately for us, the delivery menu popped up in the lobby last week.

We knew of Mai Thai since it is located along our common wandering path, at the very end of King Street, right next to the river. It was only due to plans falling apart at the last minute a couple of times that we hadn't eaten at the actual location before and before seeing the menu in the lobby, we hadn't even though to see if they did delivery, probably because it looks much more like a sit-down restaurant than the typical Asian delivery joint. And certainly they don't see themselves as that sort of establishment as they have a policy not to even do deliveries after March 31st each year. My only guess is that they use the delivery service to help alleviate the reduction of dining-in customers during the bad weather season (not a policy we ever encountered in San Diego for some reason).

What also caught us by surprise were the prices of the dishes. Given the location by the river and the elegant-looking dining room, I expected to pay $12-$18 a dish. Instead the vegetarian entrees were more in the $7-9 range, which is certainly a change of pace from many overpriced restaurants in close proximity to it.

Delivery was prompt (and free), but what really impressed was the food. The dishes were easily the best Thai food we've had since arriving on the East coast. The Pad Thai in particular was extremely tasty, better than most I've had on either coast. It was distinctly reminiscent of freshly cooked Pad Thai as opposed to those that taste like they've been scooped out of monstrous vats of Pad Thai and lack a bit in flavor like some others we've had.

We also opted for the mango salad which was a wonderfully fresh complement to the spicy and savory entrees. I'm sure we'll order from Mai Thai again soon, before the March 31st deadline comes up and I imagine we'll try out the dine-in option in the summertime coupled with a walk along the Potomac.

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