Monday, June 18, 2007

A big mistake

We like our boiled eggs a little runny in the middle. We usually have boiled eggs in salad and a little runny egg yolk seeping into the salad dressing is always a good thing. I find that about 8 minutes 30 seconds makes for the type of egg we prefer. So yesterday night I put on a pan of boiled water and went to boil 10 eggs for the following week. Now most likely what happened is the sheer amount of cold eggs in the pan of water brought down the temperature so much that 8 and a half minutes was just not enough to cook them fully. When I opened the first egg up I found that it was very very runny still inside, in addition to a runny yolk we even had a runny white (not what we were looking for). The eggs have all been drained now, and the water poured away so popping them back on the stove doesn’t seem like an idea. Suddenly I come up with a plan. I have heard in the past about using a microwave to poach eggs. I figure a little blast might finish them off nicely. I plan to try this out with one egg first, popping it in for 30 seconds. My wife is skeptical, I ask her advice on the 30 seconds. This is where some misunderstanding comes into play. My wife is thinking that I am putting all the eggs in a bowl of water and throwing them in the microwave- she suggests 2 minutes for this venture. What I am actually doing is throwing 1 egg straight in the microwave- no water. I took my wife’s advice and did this for 2 minutes.

We took the egg out- it looked fine. We cooled it down under some running water and my wife began to peel off the shell………….. BOOM! The whole egg explodes, it covers the entire kitchen the noise was incredibly loud coming from one little egg. My wife was covered in egg, her hands scolded.

The humor of the situation is now creeping in, but let me tell you, microwaving eggs is not a mistake we will be making again.

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Anonymous said...

i actually had to laugh out loud at this one. i did pretty much the same thing when i was a freshman in college and wanted a hardboiled egg and all i had was a microwave to cook with! hehehe it was a serious eggsplosion when i went to peel it. what a crazy thing... eggs.