Monday, June 04, 2007


We went to a baby shower yesterday. It was a very non-traditional affair, more of an afternoon get-together with a pregnant woman! For lunch they served up some sandwiches in those great ciabatta rolls from Costco.
In principal it would seem that I am fairly anti- Costco- a lot of nasty, low quality overpriced food exists between its massive walls after all. But increasingly we are starting to think about joining. In the non-food realm there are some great deals on tires, electrical items, and bedding. Not to mention the really awesome return policy.
Foodwise I am generally not a fan, but there are a few items of note that I really do like:
In addition to the ciabatta rolls there is: cheese- fresh mozzarella did buffalo (to die for) and some wonderful brie. Vegetables: great hot house tomatoes and English cucumbers (some of the fruit is okay, we don't go through fruit in Costco sized portions, whereas we can easily go through 2 packs of tomatoes a week). My fave item in the veggie section is the peeled garlic- a laziness I never thought I would go for, but after having one container at such a low price I am converted! In the frozen section there is the really great spinach ravioli and a couple other occasional items. Then I like the big bags of pinenuts and other random ingredients that store well, so that a huge quantity is not a problem.

We still haven't totally decided, but with the taste of ciabatta still on my tongue I am leaning towards membership.


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan, they have really cheap goat cheese, big jars of sundried tomatoes, I love the baby cucumbers, frozen blueberries, kashi cereal, hubby loves the salami and the lamb chops. Not to mention some of the wines being a fairly good deal.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know someone who is one of the buyers for Costco foods. The whole focus now is on natural, organic, less processed foods. For example, the dried apple and pear slices sold in bags are now dried and coated with a layer of fine sugar and not sulphur dried. A lot of stuff is sold in bulk, but it is like 3 indivdual packages sold together. If you know you like something and would be buying it anyhow, the per item price is great. There are also seasonal and one time only items that will come and go quickly.

Elinoire said...

If you can work one of the Costcos into your commute (or go out of the way sometimes), the membership price almost pays for itself in the savings you'll get in gasoline. Sounds weird but I did the math and it's very close.

I've also bought their seasonal fruits occasionally for canning and have never been burned. Canning a large batch of something is the only way I could go through that much of one thing before it goes bad.

Anonymous said...

i agree with can get a large container of organic salad green for only $3.50, really yummy organic ground beef, as well as a bunch of other organic products there. not to mention wild copper river salmon for about $5 a pound. and they do have an outstanding wine buyer there as well.