Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Mission- North Park

Of all the wonderful breakfast places to eat in San Diego, for some reason we had never yet gotten round to trying one right in our own backyard- the Mission cafe in North Park. Often put off by the very long lines out front on the week days, and then often preferring a seaside view or such like, we had never yet given this legendary spot a try.
Having a rare weekday morning to ourselves today we decided to give it a sh. Happily there was no line at all outside the cafe and we were seated almost immediately in the slightly understated dining area. We enjoyed the art covering the walls and the hustle and bustle of the incredibly fast waiters. in fact this this is really the one overriding impression given to me t the Mission. The speed of these guys was phenomenal. no sooner were we seated and our order was taken, the order being taken our food arrived in 5 minutes tops (well I suppose it was possibly a little more, but seriously, these guys were very fast).
The food was also wonderful, something that arrives so quickly would usually be disappointing on the pallet, but not so. I had taken advice from San Diegos various food blogs and reviews and gone with the French Toast. It was perfection. The chefs had taken a loaf of cinnamon bread to fry up, and served it with a wonderful syrup, sweet and luscious and slightly moist, this really was the most perfect French Toast I have eaten. My wife went for the papas locas which were also fantastic, the potatoes were chunky and perfectly cooked (soft inside crispy outside). far better that these tiny little squares of potatoes that seem common at breakfast places around town. The chillies added a wonderful spice, and the beans and sour cream countered with some coolness. the two breakfasts were at once among the more interesting fare we have encountered, the most nicely presented, and the most delicious tasting. Now we can properly see why people stand for an hour or so outside this great cafe. - Oh and the prices were great too!


lfrancisco624 said...

Another great diner that's about to open in the North Park area in mid- September is the Commonwealth Cafe. This diner serves American comfort food- burgers, chili, grilled cheese sandwiches, coleslaw, homemade pies, mac and cheese, hand-cut fries, and more. I hear that the mac and cheese and killer! Unfortunately the Commonwealth Cafe originally wanted to be a late-night diner, but the city of San Diego is only allowing the diner to operate until 12 am. Luckily, San Diegans can sign a petition to help Commonwealth Cafe operate at its desired time. For more info on the diner and the petition, please visit .

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,

The Commonwealth Cafe is finally open in North Park! Come celebrate by eating the infamous mac and cheese and home-made pies.