Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fave Breakfast Places

Having been in San Diego for I guess a year and a half now I find myself not exploring as much as I used to, and often going back to the same old places. This is certainly the case with breakfast- particularly after our unfavorable experience at Green Tomato last time we strayed outside our well worn spots.

So- my top five breakfast places:

1, The Beach House- just the heaven of drinking champagne on the beach in the morning sun is enough to make this place top my list. The food is perhaps not as good as at some other places but the whole experience together really is.

2, The Boat House- somehow over the past few months I have fallen in love with the Boathouse Mess breakfast option. The spicy chillies, with the delicious potatoes, creamy cheese and slightly crunchy peppers. The perfect dish after a slightly rough night- great service, never any wait to speak of, and a lovely view.

3, Big Kitchen- probably wins the best for ambiance (provided you don't get a view, and also for the wealth of vegetarian and healthy options. Big Kitchen really can often you whatever you looking for, plus hanging out waiting in South Park with a coffee in hand is always fun.

4, Terra- Prehaps a surprise inclusion- but has some of the best quality food I have had for breakfast in San Diego. Not much on the setting, but sometimes good food is just worth it.

5, Hash House- I'm not in love with this place as a lot of people are, but it still should make the top ten for its novelty value. The huge pancakes are I think unmatched in town- surprising in their thorough fluffiness. Large portions come at a heavy cost here, but well if you are hungry there is no better place to go.


chrisman said...

Good picks. Be sure to also check out ...

The Mission in Mission Beach is apparently one of the best breakfasts around. Never been there myself, but the line is always out the door and around the corner.

Parkhouse Eatery in University Heights, I'll vouch for. Boy, howdy! I can't say enough good about it, so just check it out.

And there's also Broken Yolk in PB. Great atmosphere (make sure you get the rooftop patio) and great food.

Anonymous said...

oh how about Kono's in PB by Crystal Pier (except don't go during the summer)