Monday, March 12, 2007

Breakfast at Green Tomato

Wanting to try somewhere new for breakfast I was recommended to check out Green tomato- a lover of their happy hour I figured I would give it a shot- particularly after seeing the lines at Big Kitchen (it's good but not hour and a half wait good).
Green Tomato always give me a nice feeling of cleanliness, perhaps the white linens at the tables, it feels a very elegant place to be with the antique style furniture, and of course the British waiter. the restaurant was pretty empty, which was great so far as hunger levels are concerned, but too good an advertisement for the food. A poor advertisement which unfortunately turned out to be right as soon as we got our menus. The menu really was just horribly uninspired, which such insipid choices that it took us a long long while to figure out which dull entree to choose. On the plus side there were some delicious chocolate muffin type things to much on at this time.
The food was not bad at Green Tomato, just decidedly unspectacular, and the ambiance felt like the downstairs restaurant of some chain hotel, all clean and proper with no character at all. When I have been for happy hour before things have been quite different, the lights turned down low, the ornate bar with the amusing bar tender, the elegant martinis served for incredibly reasonable prices. Breakfast just isn't the time to visit this restaurant.

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