Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wasabi Tamari Almonds

As most of you doubtless know a new Trader Joes store opened last month at the NTC in Point Loma. For proximity's sake I will continue to use the Hillcrest Store, but am still excited that prehaps a new store will diffuse crowds a little. Anyway, to mark the occasion I thought I would tell you about a couple of my fave products currently at TJs.
Browsing through the fearless flier recently I came across an article which started along the lines of "do you like spicy, salty and sweet tastes all at once" this being my absolutely fave food I read on and discovered a new product- wasabi tamari almonds. I was a little disapointed- not being a big fan of tamari and positively disliking wasabi. Still the next time I was in the store I decided to get a packet. The first one nearly blew off the roof of my mouth, I was momentarily disgusted, but then the after taste kicked in- the sweetness of the almond. It was delicious, I tried another and another and was quickly addicted. The only disappointing thing about this product is I don't seem to be able to share it with anyone, no one seems quite able to get past the initial wasabi fire- but please do try, it is well well worth it.

My other favorite product now are the roasted tomatoes. Oh my goodness these things are to die for- way better than any sun dried stuff. Initially the package looks a little pricey at 3.50 ish for a small pack- but again well worth it. The package lasts for a fair few wonderful salads, a whole new taste that has been wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments about the new products - I will give the wasabi tamari almonds a try.

Even if you don't regularly go to the Point Loma TJs, be sure to visit it - what a beautiful store with lots of wide aisles!!!!

Anonymous said...

I´m from Germany and a friend of mine was in the States and gave me the Wasabi Tamari Almonds for tasting. I LOVE THEM.
Can anybody tell me if I can order them online? I can only find comments about it.
Please mail to

Thanks alot. Lara.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Wasabi Tamari Almonds. Try eating them alongside of cherry tomatoes.