Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kensington Grill

My wife had an evening meeting in Kensington yesterday, and before she headed there we decided to pop into happy hour at the Kensington Grill. It's a place we have been meaning to try for a while, and seemed to have a fairly interested drink rotation for happy hour, plus a bunch of tasty sounding apertizers.
We entered the restaurant and were very impressed with the decor- nothing showy but just clean, elegant, non-nonsense calm. Just what we were looking for on a Friday night after a very hard week of work. The place was not busy, but still had a pleasant enough atmosphere and we were greeted by an incredibly genial bartender.
I will save my main review of Kensington Grill until we have the pleasure of dining there, but I can very happily recommend happy hour to anyone who likes to get a seat, a relaxing evening and doesn't mind paying a little bit more than happy treats in Old Town and Pacific Beach tend to cost. Friday is $5 Mai Tai night- which I opted for and was mixed up to perfection by the bartender, my wife opted for the Firehouse Brewing Co. Pale Ale, which she found to be very refreshing. I also opted to partake of the happy hour munches and ordered the quesedilla of the day- composed of duck meat, caramalized onions and goats cheese, which although a little more deep fried that I had anticipated was nonetheless delicious.

So review on hold- but great happy hour Kensington Grill, we shall be back.

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