Thursday, July 01, 2010

Shortcake Strawberries

These strawberries came from my little garden! They are so delicious- they taste like eating strawberry pie right off of the plant. These few lucky ones actually made it inside. There is only one catch, though...they are absolutely tiny! Here they are next to a quarter to give you some perspective:

It makes me wonder- is this just what fruit looks like when it is not fed growth hormones or genetically altered to be huge? Am I eating more nutrients in my pinky-nail sized berry than I would in a fist sized one from the grocery store? Just thinking.


Rene said...

You should ask your brother in law!

Made2Order said...

sometimes it's the breed, the type of soil, the climate and your farming skills haha. But I've been strawberry picking before and they are usually bigger than a quarter. They are sweet though, that's for sure!