Monday, July 12, 2010

I've found a great use for Twitter.

Quite honestly, I think it's my age that has kept me disinterested. I am finally a generation removed from the most sensory-overloading new technology. {And frankly, there are few people for whom I care that much about what he or she is doing every every second of every day}. Do you really always want to know when all your friends are showering, driving in traffic, watching a movie, thinking philosophically....?

I tried following news Twits, but that, too was too much. Still, with the ten-plus tweets a day from just one news source...I can't handle that. I like peace and simplification (and I now officially LOVE watching British parliament on C-Span. Soooo funny!).

Then it hit me- I don't read a local daily newspaper, so I often miss out on the goings-on of my favorite restaurants. Lots of great places have things like cheese and wine night or buy one get one free coconut milk softserve, and I feel out of the loop when they pass me by and I find out later.


I have now subscribed to the Twitterings of all my favorite restaurants. I am up to date when they get a fresh batch of local heirloom tomatoes, or have a weekend trout special, and I'm all over it! It's really a great way for a restaurant to advertise, really.

I wonder- does this mean I care about food more than I care about my friends?

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Made2Order said...

social networking and all these online things.. gosh. spend hours on it...