Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cannelle et Vannille- My fellow pastry chef

Easy recipe for an amazing food blog:

1 culinary degree
1 good camera
An extremely fabulous eye for beauty and taking good photos
An upbringing in the Basque region

See now? Anyone can do it!

I found Cannelle et Vannille when I was looking online for recipes for gluten intolerance. I started looking at the page and my jaw dropped. It's absolutely the most beautiful food blog I've come across. When I finally was able to peel my eyes off the amazing photos and get down to the important stuff (the recipes), I found they were even better than the visuals. I'm telling you- it's like the cookbook that keeps giving. Not to mention I feel connected to her through our love of baking and sweets.

Luckily, as I was just dying to know what kind of person was behind this blog that had made me so incredibly green with envy fascinated, the blog had a bio page. As it turns out, this masterpiece was created by Aran Goyoaga, a pastry chef/ mother/ blogger/ food artist. And if I wasn't jealous impressed enough, she is from the Basque region- a spot between Spain and France that I have ever so long wanted to travel to because of it's beautiful scenery and amazing cuisine.

In the end, I love you all enough to share this fantastic blog with you. Even if it does mean you completely forget about my little blog and start logging daily onto hers instead. But who's comparing, right?

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