Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Theirs vs. Mine

This month's "O" Magazine featured a sample grocery receipt meant to reflect how one can save money if she shops on sale and only buys what is needed.

What's wrong with this picture?

I am seriously considering writing the magazine about this. The disclaimer at the bottom says, "This reflects sale prices in the writer's area." What universe is that area in? I asked a bunch of friends from around the country (the south, midwest, northwest, Los Angeles area, etc...) via Facebook and the general consensus was that perhaps one or two things on mega discount could be priced that way, but as a whole grocery list- no chance!

Just for kicks, I looked up my last grocery receipt of "just the basics" from a conventional grocery store (QFC, which is the equivalent of Kroger). Here's what was on it:

1 lb organic strawberries $2.99
4 organic bananas (1.69 lb) $1.50
1/2 gallon organic whole milk $2.50
1 loaf bakery bread $4.69
1 lb organic butter $4.49
1.2 lb free range bone in chicken breast $4.43
5 lb bag King Arthur unbleached all purpose flour $3.99
10 pack soft taco sized flour tortillas $2.00
15 ounce can Rosarita vegetarian refried beans $1.25

Total: $30.00

Granted, I do buy most things organic (plus artisan bread), but they were on sale! I am fully convinced that buying non-organic items, even all at sale prices, would still be 2-3 times higher than that grocery list, and most likely 3-4 times more organic.

Try again, Oprah.

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