Monday, April 25, 2011


When people hear that my sister married a Greek man, the first question they always ask is "Is it really like My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" I'd say, generally (as most movies go), that is an over-characterization. However, one scene rings absolutely accurate and true.

Remember this one?

You CANnot come between Greeks and their meats. My sister's mother-in-law instructed her about this multiple times before they were married.

For Easter this year, we wanted to do a traditional Greek Easter (or as I like to say "GrEaster"). Of course, this was centered around lamb. I have to say, my sis has mastered the lamb, making an amazing and beautiful leg.

I did the main side- spanikopita. Or as the Greeks call it, "spinach pies." I made this recipe here and I dare say it was a total and delicious success.

On the sides we had many different forms of sauteed veggies, rice (very traditional), tons of bread and wine (or sparkling grape juice for the preggos), and strawberry shortcake for dessert. That was the one American dish, but for Easter I just couldn't help myself.

Also, apparently red dyed Easter eggs are present on the table, so we included those as well.

And there you have a traditional Greek Easter meal.

Xristos Anesti!


Juice detox delivery said...

yummy.. i really like the recipe of spinach pie. i made it at home and my family loves it. thanks a lot for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Luv your share thanks... I like to put our vanilla fig balsamic vinegar ( on lamb to change up the taste from the traditional mint recipes. I'm not Greek, but, after this article, I'm going to make my next Easter ... "GrEaster!" (without the ouzo).

tahoe treasure chest said...

Interesting story! never even tried to make Hellenic food i may have to try the spinach pie out. thanks for the share!