Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pregnancy Food Photography

I swear, sometimes I feel like I spend more time linking to other people's blogs than writing my own. But when other people have such better ideas than I do...why not?

Allow me to introduce you to Carolee Beckham. She's a photographer/blogger that is documenting her pregnancy with produce! Every few weeks, she posts a photoshoot of whatever fruit or vegetable that the little life inside her is compared to in size. What a keepsake for your baby to have for the rest of his or her life! All I can do is work on an alphabet cross stitch....

When my friend emailed this blog to me, I had already been calling my baby by fruit names and measuring its growth the same way. This is especially fun, because she is just a couple weeks ahead of me. Every time she posts, I see what my little guy or girl is about to be!

Currently, I am going on sixteen weeks, which makes it....


Here is the whole blog. It's really fun.

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