Thursday, December 17, 2009

Joseph Joseph and the kitchen of many colors

As I was making my $10 kitchen gift list, I was remembering my list from last year- particularly the colorful and fun products by Joseph Joseph. I love the idea of taking our every day tools and utensils, and turning them into something beautiful.

So, using this list of the "top ten cooking tools a chef needs" as an inspiration, I have interpreted the guidelines to make own my list.

10. Durable non-plastic oil/vinegar cruets and spice containers

Easy, thanks to World Market. This even comes with spices already in it.

9. Tough wood and plastic cutting boards

Wood is always pretty, but nothing compares to stripes.

8. Multiple non-stick-safe spatulas and stirring spoons

You can't mess with the simple design of a spatula, but a little barnyard motif never hurt anyone.

7. Sharp peeler

Hands down. Cutest. Peeler. Ever.

6. Sharp can opener

Aaaand we can continue the bird theme with a "tou-can-opener"

5. High-quality boning knife

Cute? No. Beautiful? Yes.

4. Forged chef's knife

Of course you know I think Bob Kramer's line of knives for Shun are the most beautiful. I heart them.

3. Pyrex glass measuring cups

Pyrex doesn't really change their design very much, but remember these measuring cups?

2. KitchenAid mixer

You really get the punch of amazing color when you see them all together.

1. Quality pots and pans

Le Creuset is easily the prettiest set of pots and pans you can get. Also perhaps the awesomest. Mix and match!

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