Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trying to be cool

Occasionally, I like a vanilla latte. Whenever I run into a coffee shop to get one, I always slow down for a minute and look at the people sitting around. Inevitably, there are a few people sitting here and there typing away on their laptop computers. You know the ones I'm talking about? They sit there, slowly sipping coffee and using the free Wi-Fi, obviously working on something very cool and important, like the graphic design of some band's newest album, or maybe writing an article for a fashion magazine or a clever political commentary. I kind of always feel a twinge of jealousy and fascination when I see them. How do they have the time for this? What awesome thing are they so intently working on? Who actually gets paid to sit and sip coffee? Could I ever be so cool?

I had the perfect opportunity to try it out today. I had to take my dog to get his hair cut, and the salon is about 25 minutes from my house- too far to drive there and back mulitple times in two hours. I don't have to be at work until 1, so I thought I would try my hand at looking awesome with my MacBook in one of my favorite places- Volunteer Park Cafe.

I am actually here right now. Although I want one of their super good house made pastries, I ordered a granola and a soy chai latte. I ran this morning (adding to my cliche coolness today), and need something healthy. I sit down to type. How does a person type and eat at the same time anyway? The man next to me (who also has a laptop) asked me if my internet connection is working. I think this must mean that I'm in the cool-person-with-a-computer-in-the-coffeehouse club. I even have something cool to write about- food!

But let's be honest. I now have to go to the bathroom, and I have a $1200 computer with me. Now what do I do? Leave it out on the table with my purse and my cell phone? Ok, not to mention the sun is now shining directly on my computer screen and making it difficult to see. My chai is now cold, and I still have an hour before Toby is done being groomed. Hmmm...It's kind of loud in here, too. I really can't see my screen now. Also, I'm kind of embarrassed at how dirty the screen is. I'm sure a rule of being in computer-coffeehouse club is that your laptop must be free of fingerprints and dust.

I don't think I'm cut out for this. I think I'm going to pack it up, go to the bathroom, and continue my blogs from home.


The Saunders said...

hahah this was too funny! Very relatable :)

Anonymous said...

I live next door to a Starbucks and I go over there a lot and read, but I actually end up watching everybody else. There's one guy who is there EVERY time I've been in and not only is he always on the computer but he brings in a PRINTER!

Your post made me laugh :)


Unknown said...

You make me laugh!