Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where is the Best Brunch is Seattle?

That's a toughie. I don't know if I can tell you that, but I can tell you that without a doubt, the restaurant we go to more than any other is Geraldine's Counter. And when I say we go there alot, I mean it's kinda like our Cheers. In fact, when we walk in everyone says, "Norm!" Not really. They don't know our names, because it seems the wait staff is always changing. I am sure that they recognize Raj (he's easy to recognize). Anyway, it's the kinda place we go to and order without even looking at the menu. Our frequency there is partly due to the fact that it's the closest good food to where we live in Seattle, and mostly because we like the food and it's very affordable (we can both eat and be full for around $20).

Geraldine's is simply a diner and nothing more. What sets it apart is that, unlike when you are sitting at some other diner with your disgustingly greasy grilled sandwich and flavorless soup, this is the way you always hope your diner food is going to be. Yes, your bowl of soup may cost $7 instead of $4, but isn't it worth it to get soup made in the restaurant rather than shipped there in a tub and reheated?

So, of course we rarely have soups or sandwiches (unless I have a late night hankering for their BLT with avocado and yam fries) since we are almost always there for brunch. Usually I go in with the intention of getting the steel cut oatmeal with fresh fruit or the Cafe Fanny organic granola and yogurt. These things are delicious and leaving me feeling pleasantly full and healthy. Inevitably, I walk in and realize that I can't possibly leave without eating the French Toast. It is the most unique french toast I have ever had- crispy on the outside, soft on the inside- and always has a different fruit topping. Everyone who dines here must try it once.

So go try Geraldines- just not on a Saturday or Sunday since it's already crowded and I don't want to you to be in front of me in line to be seated. And don't go on Monday, either! It's closed, and Raj and I have made that mistake more than once....

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I think I have been there with you......yes?