Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food as Fashion as Food....?

Speaking of brunch...what will you wear? I think the creative directors of Prada were reading, and inspired by my blog. Just look at some of the outfits from one of their Fall/Winter '09 collections!

Few things don't make he hungry...this is one of them. You may think Prada is just a kooky, over the top designer, but other labels are taking cue.

Betsey Johnson has an entire "kitchen inspired" line:

For the man in your life, you could get one of these creepy butchers outfits from Alexander McQueen:

Or if food isn't your bag, you could always just dress up like a monster from a 70's Saturday morning TV show.....

Artichoke, anyone?


The Saunders said...

hehe....not this did not make me hungry either. And pretty much everything makes me hungry nowadays.

Cierra Pera said...

I have three of those dresses! Imagine that.

Crawfish said...

Really? Well i'm currently wearing it right now! How's that?