Monday, July 16, 2007

Uvas Bar

I have family in town right now and so we are doing a mini trip of California, Disney, Yosemite, Big Sur and Santa Barbara, I will aim to keep updating with our culinary encounters along the way.

Disney, as I have posted before has pretty terrible eating in the park itself (although the new Pirates of the Caribbean Restaurant did look rather exciting, if not perhaps worth the wait. We decided to go out to Disney Village for our dinner and settled on the Uvas bar which has outdoor seating in the center of the Downtown Disney area. For a party of six with certain requirements this small menu did really well at fitting the bill- let me tell you what we have to contend with:
Two vegetarians, one pretty fussy eater, one person who doesn't like pasta and two people who really like their meat- this can be pretty tricky to accommodate everyone and not eat pizza every night. The Uvas bar was perfect however and we ordered- mezze platter and a wonderful manchego salad for the veggies, margharita pizza for the fussy and then a steak and a burger for he two two meat lovers, with the remaining two getting roast chicken and fries. The food was actually really very good - and although the price tag was a little high, it was not outrageous for Disney, and certainly had the quality to go with it. Best of ll was the atmosphere, sitting out surrounded by the many fairy lights of Downtown Disney and feeling quite the tourist- it was the perfect start to what should be a wonderful holiday.

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