Friday, July 13, 2007

Mc P's Irish Pub

I don't know why, but wherever one lives one inevitably gets into certain routines and forgets about some of the great places nearby to visit. For us this is the case with Coronado- for some reason we almost never make the trip across that spectacular bridge although it really is only 5 minutes away down the I-5. This is one of the great things about having guests - you take them to places you might often brush over.
We recently had a guest in town for 10 days, and as such most of the tourist spots got hit, including Coronado. I felt so awful that we had neglected this great place for so long- the beautiful long beach with sand so soft and fine, the irresolute Hotel Del and the sidewalk cafes that pose a reasonable imitation of Europe.
Walking along the main strip after a moseying around the Hotel Del's shops and ice cream parlor
we came upon Mc P's Irish Pub, which seemed like a nice place to sit out in the sun with a cold beer (why there are not more beer gardens in our sunny San Diego I will never understand) , so we stepped inside. There was live music playing, and the pub although not really being very Irish was one of the better imitations I have seen. The service was slightly brusk and disgruntled (making my wife feel at home) and the beer was great. Most importantly the chips (french fries) were really very good. We have searched long and hard for good chips in San Diego and the pervading scent of malt vinegar told us that these were ones we should try. Thick cut, very moist and squishy, these were getting close to the perfect British (or UK-ish) chips we are so fond of. Mostly however, Mc Ps was just a very pleasant place for a drink, sitting in the semi shade of the over head trees, listening to the live guitar music we were glad we had guests and glad we made the trip to the island.

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