Friday, October 22, 2010

The first of the season, and a season of firsts!

The transition between summer and fall this year was an odd one. September was fairly warm and green, and then I went to Cambodia, where it was HOT and tropical (in fact, I couldn't remember being that hot in a long time). When I returned, it was frigid and the trees in front of my house were bright red! Rather than easing into fall, I kind of felt like I was blasted into a new season. I am jet lagged, but everyone else is thinking about Halloween and spiced cider....oh, well. Might as well ride the wave, right?

Enter my first pumpkin pie of the season.

Now, I do get tired of pumpkin pie after a while, but there's nothing like those first few silky bites that fill your mouth and head with the smells and spices of fall.

Speaking of firsts....MY GREEK BROTHER IN LAW IS FINALLY HERE!!!! I admit, I am guilty of complaining about many things about our US of A. But when it comes down to it (and I was harshly reminded of this in Cambodia), we live in a great country with great traditions and great opportunities. And when I called up George and invited him and my sister over for pumpkin pie, he thought I was inviting them over for a savory dinner. He has never had pumpkin pie! Nor has he had Thanksgiving, or driven on a freeway, or many things in between! It has been so much fun to re-experience and appreciate things through his Greek eyes. What a great reminder of things to be thankful for in the month leading up to my favorite holiday!

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The Saunders said...

how fun! I wish I lived close so you could invite me over for pumpkin pie....or any baked good for that matter. You know I won't be baking any pies in this lifetime!