Saturday, April 24, 2010

My least favorite things

As a follow up to all of my favorite foods, I thought I'd list my least favorite foods to eat. I'm not saying these foods are not good, just that they don't sizzle my bacon, if you will. They are not my cup of tea. They don't toast my cookies, you know? This list is much shorter than the list of what I love. Here they are:

Any candy that's not at least partly chocolate, walnuts, dark bitter greens, radishes, oatmeal, almond/soy/rice or any other non dairy milk, gravy, pretzels, big pieces of steak, and extremely pungent blue cheese. Also, I haaaate shelling and deveining shrimp. Even though it's not as fresh, I usually by my shrimp with this already done.

Lastly, I do not like scary movies. So let's change them to happy movies, shall we?

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