Monday, August 31, 2009

To make you giggle

I purchased a little book the other day, just because it made me laugh. It's full of one-liners regarding money, consumerism, and the economy. Some are snarky and sarcastic, and some are insightful and helpful. Here are a few I found regarding food:

Buying items in bulk makes you feel like a stalwart pioneer woman. (Or like one of those mothers on the Discovery Channel who have twenty kids.)

Packing your own lunch saves calories, too.

Kale, okra, and mustard greens are still a bargain.

Lets cut to the chase: buying chickens won't save you any money on eggs.

Don't skimp on plastic wrap. The name brands are actually better.

And definitely don't skimp on paper plates- unless you like having a meal slide into your lap.

One bite of something delicious is worth ten bites of something so-so.

If you buy a pound of coffee at Peet's they give you a free cup of coffee.

You can freeze nuts practically forever so that they don't go rancid.

Chili is so filling!

The less you eat, the more your stomach shrinks.

A blind-taste study found that nonexpert wine drinkers prefer cheaper wines.

Good Prosecco is better than bad champagne.

Caviar doesn't sound as tasty when you call it "fish eggs."

It's time to try all those vegetables like cabbage that you once had the luxury of avoiding.

Maybe Ronald Reagan was right- ketchup is a vegetable. And it's available in gigantic free quantities almost everywhere.

And my favorite of the entire book not necessarily having to do with food....

You'll feel better if you can categorize everything you can't afford as "tacky."

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The Saunders said...

I like that last one too! hahah