Saturday, May 12, 2007

Top Picnic Spots

With Summer nearly upon us, I thought it a good time to post some of my top picnic spots. I'd love to hear other suggestions:

Morley Fields- Only a few blocks form our house we love to head to Morley Fields, it gets a little crazy on sunny Sundays sometimes, but you can usually find a table. Lots of fun things for kids to do and generally a nice place to relax- plus we love checking out the mock Renaissance battles that go on out there.

The Protea Garden- Wild animal Park- perfect in December and January, almost always sunny and pleasant. Escondido gets a bit too hot in the summer, but the winter months are perfect. The Wild animal park is always a fun place to go for a day outing and the Protea Garden offers the perfect picnic spot- hidden from most of the tourists, and a far better option than the awful overpriced food sold at the many booths and cafes.

Ocean Beach- If you can find parking then OB can be a great spot for a picnic, lots of tables which don't get filled up except during the tourist season. There is usually a nice sea breeze and you can head off down to the beach after your lunch.

La Jolla Shores- lots of BBQ pits and picnic tables, the shores offer a wonderful place for a picnic with a view. Of course this is probably an area to avoid in July and August, as parking can be a nightmare. After your picnic you can enjoy a nice stroll down to the Children's pool and see the seals, or check out the wealth of marine birds on the cliffs.

Bird Park- another great one close to home, Bird Park affords a spectacular view of the Coronado bridge, and never seems to be very crowded. Take one of the benches, or just set up some chairs and look out at the view. Bird park is also close to our favorite VegN Out, so you can pick up soem food to go inf you are feeling lazy.

Santee's Mast Park- Santee usually affords good weather, and Mast Park offers some wonderful views of the San Diego river. Sit on one of the benches and check out the red-winged and tricolored blackbirds, the coots morhens and red tailed hawks which fly overhead. Utter paradise

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Elinoire said...

Kate Sessions Park at the base of Mt. Soledad (on the PB side, off Lamont) offers a fabulous view of Mission Bay, downtown, and, if it's clear, Tijuana. The park's mostly known by locals, so parking's never a problem. The north side of the park is flat and has a playground and occasional soccer games, but the south side is a long gentle hillside with tons of space for picnicking.