Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lot 81

Our copy of Uptown magazine has expired before our new magazine has arrived. In desperation therefore of somewhere new to eat, and a coupon to help us out with cost we turned to another coupon publication: Get1free . Browsing through the pages we discovered a restaurant/bar that we had noticed a few times on Morena blvd called Lot 81. That part of Morena really is an ugly area of town, and yet the place looked interesting and on more than one occasion we had thought of stepping in to give it a try- here was our chance.
Driving up to Lot 81 Morena Blvd looked sadder than ever, a dreary gray of concrete and chain stores, our moods lifted however when we chanced upon parking right outside the entrance to the Lot 81, and brightened even further when we stepped inside this tasteful, brightly colored restaurant that was as airy and light as the street outside was dreary and gray. Orange furniture filled the small little space, and each table was adorned with striking floral arrangements- sounds a little extreme- it was not and the place felt extremely comfortable and welcoming, complete with a hostess who screamed with excitement when we entered, being her first customers of a very slow Saturday.
Browsing through the menu I chose a burger with pineapple and a glass of beer whilst my wife got a spinach pear and Gorgonzola salad with a glass of white wine. A few more customers came in whilst we were waiting, but the service remained very prompt and attentive and our food arrived very swiftly.
Biting into my burger I quickly discovered that this was the most tasty burger I had yet eaten in San Diego. The quality of he meat was wonderful, and cooked to perfection. The bread was a wonderful combination of toasted and fluffiness and the addition of the pineapple was really delicious. If I had to complain at all it would be simply that the burger was a little tricky to eat- but who careas about that really!
My wife's salad was equally delicious, with a fantastic raspberry vinaigrette that was not at all too sweet, as berry vinaigrettes can often be. A couple of pear slices on top had been sauted to perfection, caramelizing around the edges. The cheese was creamy and delicious and the spinach very fresh- we were impressed!
So, first of all, a big thumbs up to Lot 81 for managing to brighten up this sad corner of Linda Vista. But then I must add a hearty congratulations for serving such great food, I have to admit we weren't expecting the quality to this high and we were very happily surprised. Lot 81 is very close to my wife's work and will make a great alternative to Old Town, particularly once tourist season starts, for an after work bite.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same coupon and we were equally impressed with the food…though the place could use a better location.