Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lei Lounge

Well we thought we would try a new place for brunch today and headed over to Lei Lounge in University Heights. Wow just wow, what incredibly over priced brunch- the only thought I can have is that people are paying for the atmosphere which really, fo my tastes was rather over the top and incredibly fake.

Stuffed into a back yard in University Heights Lei lounge is trying to transport you back to Hawaii- bright white linens adorn the tables, purple (fake) leis are placed on every table, there is hawaiian palm thatch on the roofs and little tables filled with lava rocks for the cooler nights. some tables are set out in little alcoves.

For brunch you may choose between a range of different entrees for $11.95. ouch- no champagne was included, so this had better be good we thought. After seeing many couples presented with cute little cakes, I thought maybe the outrageous price included a complimentary dessert- no such luck.

I ordered the mini kobe beef burgers whilst my wife got the only veggies option; a garden omelet. for her I believe the price was particularly egregious- 12 bucks for an omelet (which by the way included no fancy ingredients such as wild mushrooms, goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes or anything which could have commandeered this price), and a few breakfast potatoes (again nothing special, just fried potatoes). The brunch drink specials were more reasonable- $3 for a champagne cocktail, with a range of different choices available. these were pretty good. In fact the kobe beef burgers were good, one of the more reasonable options for $12.

Perhaps it was because we were at the lei lounge an a windy and slightly chilly day but this forced Hawaiian atmosphere just wasn't doing it for me. Even in the Hawaii the endless fake leis presented at every turn got to be too much, but here is San Diego it seemed particularly silly. University Heights is such a cool little neighborhood with eclectic little dining spots and interesting looking craftsman cottages- this place just seemed to me to be in the wrong spot- PB or somewhere might be a better location. and if we are going to go for this Hawaiian theme get some better real estate, just a little garden setting going, or a cool view please don't just pack a whole bunch of people into a tiny little courtyard and have them pretend they are in paradise.

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