Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday shopping- the Etsy edition.

So it just dawned on me that in two weeks exactly we will be eating our Thanksgiving feast, and then the radio will be playing Christmas music (if it hasn't been already), and then we will blink and the time frame for shipping online gift orders is going to be passed! Aaaaugh!

Anyway, a few kitchen ideas from Etsy, most under $25. I know I appreciate something hand made so much more than mass produced merchandise. One of a kind gifts can be really special. Even better if these inspired you to make something on your own.

{Vintage parfait set $36. Seriously, how cute are these? I am about to buy them myself}

{Hand thrown travel mug with lid $22. There's something I love about pottery, and I'm really impressed if this was made with a water tight seal. That takes precision, folks.}

{Modern hot pad $10. Can't go on Etsy without finding a cute, hand made pot holder.}

{Large gingerbread boy cookie cutter $6.95. I've never seen such a fat little gingerbread man. It made me giggle!}

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