Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something to Blog About

This may be a sort of a Debbie downer blog, but I am going to write today about something I just realized that I really miss in my life.

We moved to Seattle almost five years ago. In those years we have made some dear, dear friends here. As much as we love every single one of them, none of them share our taste and love for food enough to devote the amount of time and income that we do to trying new places and things. So, I make the most of the circumstances I have been given, and usually I look at food times as a chance to have a date and sit across from the man I love doing something we both enjoy.

This weekend, though, I realized how much I miss sitting across the table from friends that I love. Sometimes it's good to know that people are with you because they choose to be with you, rather than because you're family and stuck together. And I've said before that nothing is more meaningful to me than doing this with food- sitting around the table, eating, and just talking to my favorite people. It's one thing that I enjoy most and get to do least.

So to those who are far away, but would love to go out and have a meal with me, know that I really miss you and I'm getting cheesily teary-eyed writing so.



Cierra Pera said...

We are planning a family road trip up the coast and over to yellowstne in the summer... Maybe we could get together? I would really love that.

The Saunders said...

I love you!!!!