Monday, April 06, 2009

Only my thoughts for you today

As I grew from a teenager into adulthood, I became unintentionally inclined to the domestic arts. Cooking is the obvious interest, but I also found myself drawn to sewing, decorating, child rearing, and general house keeping. Which is why I am sort of embarrassed to say outright that I know jack nothin' about gardening.

It comes as no big surprise to anyone in this city of outdoorsy tree huggers that Seattle is full of people who just luuuurve gardening- and we're talking obsessively tending to the outsides of their homes. Frankly, and maybe it's the southern Californian in me, I am not inspired to do anything that's going to force me outside when it's 45 and raining.


On those very special days like today, when for some reason we are getting a 70 degree sunny day break from our usually dreary weather, I open my drapes to view my back yard and I'm ashamed of myself. I told Raj that we are those neighbors- you know the ones- with the horridly weedy, dirty yard full of dead plants. And a fire pit full of rain water (that, I might add, we've only used once in our three years in this house). So since I have some free time today I am planning on cleaning up a bit. I'vee already thrown away our soggy remnants of what was once a doormat, a dead basil plant, old charcoal from our grill, and five or six broken flower pots.

Once everything is cleaned up, I think I might entertain the idea of growing some vegetables, which are things that I know grow fantastic here in the northwest. I sometimes feel that it's my duty as a self proclaimed food snob to know how to grow some things. From what I've heard, it's very satisfying to pick and eat your home grown food. Not to mention super healthy. And if I can get good at it, I will be one step closer to my dream of buying a rural plot of land and living like the Laura Ingalls Little House on the Prairie family except with electricity, plumbing, and heating. And the internet.

So if I start this project I will be certain to take you along with me on my journey. No promises yet, though, I'm still weighing the pros and cons.

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