Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Now This is Christmas

I hope all of you, just like me, had a wonderful Christmas time. Perhaps it was because I left a city run amok with snow for vacation in sun and 60 degree weather, but week was simply peaceful and perfect. I let go of my obligations (thus explaining my lack of bloggery), and truly enjoyed every moment. I didn't forget about you completely, though.

I am very glad this year that I have this blog. Because I knew I was going to need something to write about, I kept mental notes of all I ate, and took special notice of the gift of food while spending time with loved ones. As a result, I have many more moments captured in my memory that I have in Christmases past. When I think about what I ate I remember having Hungarian bean soup with spaetzle dumplings with my grandparents. I remember eating homemade Indian food with my in-laws and nieces and nephews. I remember sharing an amazing sandwich with my mom after getting our hair done together, cheese and wine on Christmas eve, and drinking tea while playing games with everyone I love.

I truly hope that you all keep these kinds of memories through the holidays and into your new year.

Now this is Christmas:

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