Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Well you can tell I am kind of in a cheap mood lately, what with my slight displeasure at the Lai Lounge and my choice of Lalos Tacos for lunch. Next stop on the cheap trip was Einstein Bros. Bagels, which, surprisingly I had never been to before. We were looking to pick up breakfast on Rosecrans street, and although slightly tempted by the famous Breakfast House we didn't quite feel like that much grease.
So Einstein Bros it was and I have to say again I was very pleasantly surprised. Opting for the Spinach Omelet on a Five Cheese Bagel I really enjoyed my breakfast which was warm (it has been so chilly in San Diego lately, and yet I never learn about wearing proper footwear) but not heavy. I have to say I was a little put off by the Candy Cane bagels (Red and Bagels just don't seem to mix) but many of the other menu items looked very intriguing, in particular the Lox Bagel. Looking forward to my second round of Einstein Bros. soon which................. won't be for a while. We are heading over to England to visit my wife's family for a while. I will make sure to carefully document our fun Holiday eating whilst we are there and try to shut away some stereotypes.

Merry Christmas!

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liz said...

I do like the bagels at Einstein Brothers... sundried tomato I believe(I haven't been there in a while).