Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back from the Bodge

So sorry about the 3 weeks of nothingness. It just so happens that I have spent the better part of the month of October in Cambodia. While this wasn't necessarily a culinary trip, I can't help but view the world through food goggles....and I got some pretty good shots.

Although we had a busy schedule learning about the history and politics of Cambodia, helping out our friends, and visiting the slum villages (where the government has forced thousands of families to move into so that they could develop the valuable city land), we managed to eke in some foodie time.

{We had several delicious home cooked meals}

{As well as some great restaurant food. This entire meal cost less than $10}

One day, we went with a Khmai woman to a traditional market. I have to admit, with my high reverence for food it was a bit difficult for me to see that some of the most dirty, malodorous places in the cities are these markets. It didn't, however, take the natural beauty away from the local produce.


{duck eggs}

{friends at the market}

{asian pears, dragonfruit, oranges}


As long as one avoided the road side stands (a warning we heeded), the food there was pretty fantastic, fresh, and interesting.

{saomao aka rambutan aka sweet hairy lychee things}

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